Newspaper USA TODAY: billions of U.S. dollars squandered in Iraq
Date: Wed 07/15/2012 8:18

After years of review of records and transactions related to the amount of $ 51 billion of taxpayers' money Americans devoted to the reconstruction of Iraq says the U.S. government now that they can say with certainty that a large share of that money had been wasted and dissipated, but can not determine the exact number.
In a report issued last Friday and was described as a report of the final review included the Office of the Special Inspector General funds the reconstruction of Iraq,
a series of weaknesses of accounting that put billions of dollars of taxpayers' money Americans under penalty of waste and fraud in the largest project for the reconstruction of its kind in the history of the United States.
The report says:
"There will never be possible to know the size of the amounts lost due to waste and fraud."
Auditors found problematic accounting huge money on a very large of them cite a prominent example of a small: One contractor was paid $ 80 dollars for installation of pipe shall receive his competitors Contractors amount of $ 1.41.
The reason is that officers review the contracts in the U.S. Army of the lists of the company was lax superficial, or they may not revise them at all.

In a brief statement intended to mitigate inspector general said that at the time could not determine the size of the amounts wasted exactly can say it could be serious. When asked why not can never determine the amount of money wasted accurately The Office of the Inspector General to report has already published in February 2009 entitled "Hard Lessons" says that the auditors have faced a shortage of cadres and other problems, just like the reconstruction project managers themselves.
He concluded that report to the following:
"According to the fluctuations that marred the reconstruction effort, which beset the very beginning of the ongoing violence and the changing goals and the changes ongoing in the methods of contracting undermined by the lack of unity of effort, it becomes impossible to reach the position of accounting fully for all the money spent in reconstruction. "
In the same report restores the Inspector General Stuart Bowen, the question posed by Donald Rumsfeld, who was then minister of defense, when they met shortly after the start of the Bowen work in January 2004 where he said to him: "What made ​​you take this action? It an impossible task. "

Office of the resulting LB by law to reporting to the Ministries of Defense and Foreign Affairs, will stop its work in 2013.

And spent the Office lbs $ 200 million to keep track of the funds allocated for reconstruction, and was in addition to the issued numerous reports of the work of the inquiry and investigation in cases of fraud, criminal, resulting from 87 charged and 71 convicted, fines and other penalties and reached amounts to $ 176 million.These investigations included a civilian and military personnel who were accused of charging commissions and bribes and manipulation to refer tenders, forgery, embezzlement, theft, even to direct state funds and property.
But it seems that most of these violations may escaped from supervision and control, and as an example of this, a draft of the Pentagon $ 35 million took effect in December 2006 and will develop the Baghdad airport and make it global gateway and economic, but the Inspector General found the end of 2010 that half of these amounts was an exhibition of what the loss did not come from complete remaining work. was scheduled to go $ 20 billion of 51 billion approved by Congress for Iraq to rebuild the Iraqi security services and go the other $ 20 billion for the reconstruction of basic infrastructure. These programs were primarily run by the Ministry of Defense and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the U.S. Agency for International Development.
The main weakness of the pound is twice her character revision level of the invoices submitted by contractors and contractors.

In some cases, the vet bills after months to pay the amounts due to the small number of government contracting officers.
It was found lbs in one case that the State Department had an officer contract and one in Iraq, the validation of the health expenditure of funds in excess of $ 2.5 billion through a contract with the company, "Dane Corps" to train Iraqi police. According to the report for this case: "It was The result is that the bill has not been submitted for review as required, which made ​​$ 2.5 billion vulnerable to fraud and waste. has Oqlguena This lack of control in particular, because the previous reviews we have done for decades Dane Corps revealed in a timely weaknesses similar. "
In the case referred to the State Department was able finally to reach a settlement of all invoices of old, and this was based on the recovery of more than $ 60 million until July of 2009.

The report also dealt with the problem of minor glitches all key aspects of the U.S. war effort in Iraq and won it, those are the problems resulting from the fight with the insurgency in the result proves that a longer breath, and more resistant than the Pentagon had expected and it is calculated.
These problems do not make the process of reconstruction and only the hardest and most dangerous and highest expense, but also lead the U.S. Army to the situation in which formatted the effort overwhelming imposed on the soldiers re-deployment, as well as tactics that deliberately to rebel movements which have the capacity to adapt and the complexities of wounds and injuries the field of battle. These problems have made ​​the U.S. government also suffers from lack of experience that you need to follow up on contractors' work as it should.