Deputy for Iraq: The meeting between Maliki and Najafi .. and will ease the political crisis of the fuse
On: Sun 07/15/2012 13:07

Baghdad (news) .. most likely MP / coalition in Iraq / Hassan Salman and Hap, to witness the political process in the coming days, easing the crisis, in addition to a meeting between Prime Minister and Chairman of the House of Representatives, calling for the National Alliance to provide guarantees for the implementation of the reform paper.
He said Wahab said in a statement (of the Agency news) on Sunday: there is no interruption between Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki and Parliament Speaker Osama al because they represent two of the most important three powers (executive and legislative), so it is expected that there will be a meeting brings them together in order to ease the problems and service of the people.

He added that all political parties sit down at one table for something a civilized dialogue does not mean surrender or submit to any of the parties and political blocs, but sit at the table of dialogue, defuse the crisis will ease.

And the MP for the coalition in Iraq: the National Alliance presented a paper reforms acceptable to all the political blocs and the guarantees for the implementation of that paper, the political process will go for a solution.
Political scene is still dominated by the policy of counter-action and reaction, and in light of growing concern checks on policy differences, which affect the security situation in the country.