BAGHDAD (Iba) ... MP Khalid al-Asadi of the State of Law alliance that will begin this week talks with all political parties on the reform paper in order to end the crisis and resolve the outstanding issues in the country.
Asadi said, told the independent press (Iba) that the talks on the reform paper will take into account the views of the blocs and political parties and its aim of reaching a solution satisfactory to everyone and end the current crisis in the country.

Asadi said a member of the committee tasked to prepare a draft political reform of the National Alliance said this week will see the start of dialogue and talks with all Iraqi political parties on the reform paper prepared by the Alliance.

He pointed out that the National Alliance did not touch any negative attitude of the political parties about the project of reform so far, and we await the results of the project after the political parties informed about the details and the exact outcome of the talks next week. ( النهاية ) (End)