Central Kurdistan seeking to overturn "edition Braimralasttna˙ah" and the inclusion of the Kurdish language in the new currency

student of the Central Bank of Kurdistan, Saturday, to speed up printing Iraqi currency zeros deleted and the inclusion of the Kurdish language to the new edition and to abolish the "Bremer edition" issued in the circumstances "exceptional."

And through the Director General of the Central Bank in the Kurdistan Region Adham Kareem said in remarks addressed to the " Twilight News "his belief that" the deletion of zeros from the Iraqi currency sound process, "pointing to the possibility of the existence of frequency by the businessmen and investors about the process."

Karim stressed that "the process is 100% correct," adding that "even if it does not Nhzvha in the meantime that we do this step after ten years to come, this process must be carried out and today is better than tomorrow."

He justified why ask him to remove the zeros from the Iraqi dinar that "this coin issued in exceptional circumstances and when issued were called belong Bremer," noting that "he should normalize Iraqi currency and without zeros and be binding on the deal and that the Iraqi Central Bank by selecting it with the U.S. dollar."

The Director of the Central Bank of Kurdistan, "The Kurdistan demanded the inclusion of the Kurdish language to the new Iraqi currency as well as Arabic and English," stressing "that the second component of the Kurds in the country and a force for the Iraqi currency."

And was scheduled to begin the Central Bank to change the current currency boiled new zeros to be deleted that a request may defer the government to wait to initiate change.

The Department of Antiquities in the Kurdistan Region of Iraq has been nominated earlier in the week Nhoashrh archaeological sites in the province to put pictures on the new edition of the Iraqi currency.