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said the Finance Committee in the House of Representatives that there is a need for another year in order to begin the process of replacing the local currency, conditioned ready the central bank to move.

Committee Chairman Haidar Abadi, "Alsumaria News": "The draft currency exchange good provided that the the central bank is ready for this step and carried out meticulously, "stressing the need for the" Bank procedures are correct and good. "

He added Abbadi that "the Commission was with the switch currency over the past year 2010, if the bank Mthaia for such a procedure," adding that "the central bank need another year to begin the replacement of the currency."

He said, "the Finance Committee is not with the application hasty," he importance of that "stand the process of switching process in front of forgery and not re-circulation of the dinar damaged."

The Finance Committee of the House of Representatives announced (11 July present), a willingness to clarify the reasons for hesitation Council of Ministers on currency exchange in spite of the central bank confirmed its ability to so without the occurrence of fraud affecting the national economy.

and was a member of the Finance Committee's parliamentary Najiba Najib announced (the third of July, current), that the budget next year 2013 will be the new currency after deleting three zeros from the current currency, arguing that the reluctance of traders and companies from trading in currency behind the adoption of the Iraqi Central Bank project to delete the zeros.