07/14/2012 0:00

As Iraq seeks to apply a number of economic laws that facilitate the transition completely to a market economy, he criticized a number of economic experts, the slowdown in the implementation of economic legislation approved by the government and efforts to revive the reality production and development in the country, arguing that such laws declared capable of shaking up the economy and disrupt a number of projects aimed at raising its standards.

In the time it considers the House of Representatives member and former economic expert full of Baldawi, the Iraqi economy before 2003 Palmchlol, it confirms that the country now suffers from faltering in his efforts to move it from the economy’s dictatorship to a free, banner Speaking (morning) that everyone seeks to be a strategic economic policy mature so that they could hedge against global crises which can lead to many problems in the institutional structures, as well as giving way to serious distortions in the body of the national economy.

Criticized Baldawi slowdown steps to shift the national economy towards a market economy, saying that the steps toward making these decisions were not balanced and did not plan it quick as positive.

The expert stressed the need to implement laws that have changed their legislation, which was after 2003, indicating the presence of apprehension in many of the country’s economic policy makers about the implementation of these important decisions Kqanona tariff protection and the law of the national product.

She explained Baldawi the importance of awareness provides a market economy, as well as a private sector able to compete with the foreign importer, and provides commercial sector does not depend mainly on the materials imported from abroad, as important steps towards the transition to a market economy, the memory of the economy totalitarian Iraq was pursued by the former does not allow complete freedom to move the individual to it, not giving way wide of the private sector, and the possibility of domination of all economic activities even small ones, and grip it in a negative, something that can not be by him that the economy develops and grows rapidly.

Iraq seeks to revive many of the economic aspects by implementing a series of economic decision task, especially the tariff law which has been postponed more than twice, and counted on this law that revives some of the aspects of production, especially industrial and agricultural, but economists warned of the dangers of high prices after the implementation of This law, pointing out that the Iraqi market is the (uncontrollable) and uncontrolled, which means the possibility of higher prices of the remarkable and dangerous, may indicate an increased rate of inflation.

confirms specialists on the importance of the work of Iraq to activate the production capacity capable of absorption rates of unemployment and reduce the severity of poverty, putting in the forefront of those aspects of agricultural and industrial sectors, according to economists, who are among the basic foundation for the growth of productivity of all other joints, according to the two sectors concerned Akadiran to meet the needs of the market and run as much as possible the unemployed.

In turn, said economic expert, Bassem Jamil Antoine that the initial predictions was referring to the possibility of Iraq in bringing about radical changes in the built economic, and the possibility to travel led him to build a developmental solid after the growing wealth of the country’s oil, and sees Antoine Speaking (morning) to look first after recovery of the economic reality was walking through the events of a series of mutations of development that improve the reality of living of the poor and the elimination of illiteracy and reduce unemployment rates and the development and construction of reality of education and improve the health aspect, but those areas, according to Antoine walked slowly and parallel to the possibilities enjoyed by Iraq, believing there is an error led to the decline in economic achievements achieved in Iraq after 2003, because the economy is now moving randomly and there is no planning of my work as well as the dominance of financial and administrative corruption on most of his joints and kept professionals it also finds Antoine, who also said that the private sector hopes as owned by that contribute actively to building operations, and this is a clear signal to move the national economy towards a market economy, as well as the move is aimed at moving the many other aspects of production and work to eliminate unemployment and poverty.