Talabani, Allawi accused of lying to him that he was behind the idea of ​​withdrawing confidence from the Maliki and described Palmtherh surprising

Re strongly President Jalal Talabani, Wednesday, on charges of Allawi him that he was behind the proposal to withdraw confidence from Maliki, denied Talabani Maadeah Allawi, describing his comments as "confusing and surprising," and stressing that he would remain "neutral and a sponsor of the national consensus."

A statement issued by the Office of the President, today: "The quoted newspaper al-Hayat by the Head of the coalition in Iraq, Iyad Allawi, that the issue of withdrawal of confidence from Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki was proposing the President of the Republic of Iraq, is contrary to fact and reality."

"The statement Allawi, this raised the feelings of confusion and puzzlement, especially as it comes in the context of a series of statements for a number of Iraqi leaders and parliamentarians, and those close to them, suggest and which are all in the same direction, which is that the President pledged or presented a paper, or even that it is obliged constitutionally to withdraw confidence from the the Prime Minister. "

. The statement stressed that "Talabani had said in previous statements, including leaves no room for ambiguity fact his position on the subject of withdrawal of confidence but we find ourselves compelled to return again to this subject and demonstrate that the paper presented to a meeting of Erbil, in (28 April 2012), included nine items, including a proposed no-confidence. "

Talabani's office confirmed that "Allawi knows who prepared and presented by the paper," pointing out that "the President was not proposed that," without revealing the entity or person who suggested the paper.

The statement said that "the proposal was to direct the paper to the National Alliance, and not to the House of Representatives, and, if not to deal positively with them so they can be displayed subject of withdrawal of confidence," noting that "the authors of the paper suggested that the notice will be given one month to respond but Allawi is an application which cut the time to a week and after discussion it was agreed to two weeks. "

The statement disclosed that "Talabani refused to sign the paper and asked his colleagues in the leadership of the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan (PUK) present at the meeting to refrain from signing as well, stressing at the same time that in the event of rejection of the National Alliance or the Prime Minister adhere to the principles, frameworks and agreements, it will be directed to the House of Representatives requested the withdrawal of confidence , "asserting that the President called for a" focus on the need for reforms and refused to monopolize power, while present at the meeting confined the bulk of their interest in the subject of no confidence. "

Talabani confirmed, that he "received later notifications official of the National Alliance and the Prime Minister to prepare to respect previous agreements and their implementation and observance of the paragraphs contained in the letter of Arbil, except the subject of withdrawal of confidence," stressing that "starts always from being the head of the state and therefore must remain neutral and a sponsor of the national consensus reunification and unity which will make him lose the role if he stands with one party against another party. "

The leader of the Iraqi List, Iyad Allawi, was charged on Tuesday, in an interview with Al-Hayat Saudi Arabia, which is published in London, that President Jalal Talabani, was the owner of a proposed withdrawal of confidence from Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki in Erbil meeting first held in late April, While the Taliban was reassured that the meeting in Arbil that it is able to withdraw confidence without going into the constitutional mechanisms, he stressed that the forces opposed to Maliki continues to project confidence through questioning in parliament.

It is worth mentioning that the project of "no confidence" from al-Maliki, is a Saudi country with the participation of Turkey, vowed to Barzani and Iyad Allawi to implement it in Iraq and Saudi financing amounted to pay 2 million to $ 3 million to sign the one who joins the list of signatories to withdraw confidence, according to Western sources Radio cited "Austin", the Norwegian and later joined the Sadrist movement to project confidence to Maliki in conditions of confusion and questions about the secret to accept the current leader of al-Maliki revenge through an alliance with Allawi, who led a bloody military operations against the Mahdi Army in Najaf in 2005.