Attorney Mutashar Samurai coalition accuses al-Maliki to "exercise intimidation against his opponents"
Posted 12/07/2012 10:27 AM

BAGHDAD - "squares of liberation"
deputy accused of "Iraqi Islamic Party," Mutashar Samurai, a coalition of "state law" led by Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki Bbmarsh intimidation against opponents of the claimants to withdraw confidence or questioned by parliament, "made the rule of law temptations of some of the blocks with attitudes supporting to the owners, and deal-style intimidation and the threat of threat with the claimants to withdraw confidence or questioning by Parliament and such situations are well known to the judge and far in the political process miserable in Iraq. "
In view of the failure to find solutions to the political crisis and to demand the withdrawal of confidence from the Prime Minister through the questioning of before Parliament, wave the rule of law options and described the Kurdistan Alliance MP Mahmh Khalil as express ignored intended to resolve the crisis, "resorted to wave to hold early elections and dissolve parliament and sack boss Osama Najafi and form a majority government policy, and these positions were to disable the option of questioning."

As announced parliamentary blocs rejected the option of questioning al-Maliki and willingness to participate in the government of the majority political praised the MP for the rule of law, Abbas al-Bayati, those positions, calling it stems from a sense of national responsibility, "blocks in support of the owners do not want to risk the future of the country, and paid for the unknown, Fathmmelt national responsibility based on its own , not affected by bullying or cajole, and we are not in a totalitarian regime to threaten others. "
and announced the National Alliance, who leads the government to the approval of the other parties to discuss his paper reform that will bring an agreement to overcome the political crisis.