Parliamentary Finance's (et al) the Central Bank confirmed its willingness to alter the currency and the government is reluctant measures

Sam and brother of Mullah
A member of the parliamentary Finance Committee electrodes Ahmed said the central bank said the Committee's willingness to replace the currency and delete zeros without that there will be fraud, noting that "the government is reluctant action.
He said electrodes in a statement singled out by the reporter and agency news news (brother) that his committee hosted a team from the Central Bank and inquired of them about how to enter hold such a major operation is to delete the zeros and the change process and confirmed that the central bank has full preparations to enter the process without that there will be fraud. Stressing that "the Finance Committee is discussing the government's hesitations and fears of what the process of replacing the currency. He added that we want to conduct the process without that there will be a negative reflection on the economic situation and on the currency.