Vice chest: if not implemented the Convention on Erbil, Najaf and define the mandate of the Prime Minister we are with the interrogation and the withdrawal of confidence
07/12/2012 10:19:57

BAGHDAD (Iba) ... MP Rafi Abd al-Jabbar on the mass of the Free that the actions of the interrogation process will be carried out by the Iraqi List and the Kurdistan Alliance, the voting process was the word of Mr. Muqtada al-Sadr and clear in his mind to bring (124) is the (40) voice will be ready to withdraw confidence from the Prime Minister.

He added that Abdul-Jabbar told the independent press (Iba) ... We are with the process of reform first, which includes the implementation of the Erbil and Najaf, including the identification of only two of the Prime Minister, if you do not reform in this direction, we are surely with the interrogation process and the withdrawal of confidence.

He noted that the words of Abbas al-Bayati, in the case of go-Maliki will clone the owners of another such evidence of the beginning of the autocracy and the real danger we have to Nstisalh before it is too late and this motivates us more to identify the two terms to the Prime Minister only for fear of re-order individual or central Iraq as especially and we know that parliamentary system is the only savior of Iraq.

And Abdul-Jabbar that the statements about the freezing of Parliament can not occur, but can dissolve parliament according to constitutional mechanisms possible to present the Prime Minister asked the President of the Republic requesting the solution of righteousness for the Man and the approval of President of the Republic is referred to the House of Representatives for a vote by absolute majority if they had This ability to Walesaro him and other opposition blocs will go towards questioning the freezer there is no clause in the Constitution provides for this.

He stressed Sadrist lawmaker that the process of reform include (7 paragraphs) and paragraph (3) is to determine the term of the Prime Minister in two sessions only, no more will there will be no reform without specifying the term, because this is the real reform that assures the other blocs in the non-uniqueness and adherence in power. (end)