Mutlaq: questioning the constitutionality of the process and has nothing to do targeted a personal aim is to reform
12/07/2012 10:22:25

BAGHDAD (Iba) ... MP Hamid al-Mutlaq, the Iraqi List, we are involved in the interrogation process and the process of withdrawal of confidence will be encumbered by convictions that will be generated during the process of interrogation has a vote in the House of Representatives.

The al-Mutlaq told the independent press (Iba) ... That the right of (25) Deputy to sign the request of the questioning of any personal controls were within the constitutional and legal form.

He explained that the process of interrogation, al-Mutlaq is the constitutional process and have targeted a personal relationship or never aggressive and purpose of the reform and nothing more.

He stressed member of the parliamentary security and defense that was announced by Mr. Freeze on the Keywords on the parliament and the constitutional amendment is a personal point of view and unconstitutional. (End)