National Alliance calls for the blocks passage of important laws and to provide candidates of the security ministries
Published on Wed, July 12 / يوليو eleven thirty-two a.m. 2012 | Posted By: maha

BAGHDAD / With: National Alliance, said during the meeting on Wednesday evening on the unity of the National Alliance to activate and speed up the paper and political reform and constitutional Tdmninha all the demands made by the partners and that its decisions are binding on all, including the government.
A press release from the National Alliance, on Thursday, "The Coalition at a meeting yesterday discussed the political developments and the current crisis afflicting the country and threaten the march of the state and the political process and delay the delivery of services."
The statement added: "The meeting took several decisions and the most important points of the commitment of political leaders need to implement the Constitution and laws, in addition to the true faith rule of separation of powers and a commitment to judicial independence and independent bodies and non-intervention work."
The statement noted "that the meeting confirmed that the oil and gas belongs to all and therefore must be distributed evenly and imports based on the ratio of the population across the federal government as stated in the Constitution."
The statement concluded by emphasizing the political blocs demand package completion of important laws as well as speed up the security ministries to provide candidates and work to provide services to citizens in the field of electrical energy and the fight against corruption in all its forms and levels. "/ End
Zia Sharifi