The demand to interrogate Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki over "constitutional violations" will be submitted to the presidency of the House of Representatives in two days, an MP said today.

Iraqiya List is still preparing the entire files for interrogating Maliki in order to withdraw confidence from the PM, said Iraqiya MP Talal al-Zubayee.

Zubayee said the demand for PM's interrogation session will be submitted in two days.

On Saturday the National Alliance (NA) officially called on the political parties to begin dialogue over conducting reform in the political process.

The reform committee the NA has formed said it has drafted the first phase of the reform package which will be offered for evaluation and discussion soon.

The NA began publicizing for the reform package soon after the Kurds and Iraqiya List as well as the Sadr Current of the NA put into action plans to withdraw confidence from Maliki.

A signature campaign conducted by Kurdistan Blocs Coalition (KBC), the Sadr and Iraqiya MPs failed. Now only Kurds and Iraqiya are left with efforts to interrogate Maliki over "constitutional violations" inside the House of Representatives.