Resignation of the leaders of the Iraqi Nation Party
Date: Tue 7/10/2012 2:26

Received Network Iraq law a statement issued by the leaders in the Iraqi Nation Party led by Mithal al-Alusi, which they declared their resignations from the party, which takes its leader from Arbil-based and in the following text of the statement. We, I am Ahmad Jalil Magali responsible students and young people in the party the Iraqi nation , coordinated and Mohammad Jabbari Hamdan official organizations Rusafa, Astqaltna of the Party of the Iraqi nation to become valid since this moment. We knew to belong to the party for six years and we have chosen a cradle and an outlet for our activities of intellectual, political, social, and we have made ​​in order to inform his message, and the extension of visions and preaching of its programs, and expand its influence, and implementation of policies all provide for our energy mentally and physically and had taken this affiliation we Bjamaa minds and veins of hearts and a mixer of the nerve and bone and we were not in all that we envisage a personal interest or benefit of a private and did not make the party a ride to the goals we aspire. Antmina to the Iraqi Nation Party, because we have seen in his theoretical lawmakers combines shades of the Iraqi people, but we have seen the Savior, and we have seen in his political solutions to the issues of our people and we have seen in the structure of regulatory and methods process an appropriate tool to make our contributions to modest serve our people and so it was Our belonging to a deep and full. But we go back today, to announce clearly in front of the entire self in front of others and that the party no longer represents we have nothing of it. And so we leave, and just entered, complete with self honestly. And do so without regret, but not without sadness. This case concerns us all alone. From this moment we announce the full innocence of the party and everything related to it. Jabari Muhammad Hamdan / official organizations Rusafa Jalil Ahmed Magali / official organizations, students and young people in the whole of Iraq