Mahmoud Othman, "Iraq's Gate": trend interrogation and reform are both strong

"Iraq's Gate" special -

Said the leader of the Kurdistan Alliance MP Mahmoud Othman said in an exclusive interview for "gate Iraq," the political arena is witnessing two opposing tendencies, one is talking about a project to reform in order to avoid a crisis situation existing in the second direction seeks to question the speaker of parliament.

And Ouallana Osman added Osman added that everyone would wait to see who is going to prevail, adding a, way for them a strong presence on the scene.

The head of the Iraqi List, Iyad Allawi, has described the questioning of Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki within the parliament and the withdrawal of confidence with him as the only option for the reform of the political situation in the country.

Plans to the Iraqi List and the Kurdistan Alliance to apply to parliament to question al-Maliki as a way to pull the other confidence-Maliki after a failure to persuade President Jalal Talabani to apply to withdraw confidence from Maliki to Parliament