Member of the law (threatens) the Iraqi position (last) If you do not accept (b reforms call)!

Baghdad threatened a member of the coalition of state law, the so-called Iraqi List (last position), if not responded to the call of the reforms. User confirmed that the National Alliance has prepared a consolidated paper include a lot of problems that have had influence in the political process and building the Iraqi state. He said in an interview with (East): "The last option, however, has become a political blocs competing blocs or rather opposition to the Iraqi government." Saad promised logistical and paper reform "as a last-minute appeal to save the government of national partnership, and if some of the leaders insisted the Iraqi List, to continue to create crises, support and keeping it alive, it is certain that he will be the last position of the National Alliance," according to the source. In the view of logistical "The National Alliance today is open to other political blocs for the purpose of political reform and correct the political process fully, and if the insistence of the rest of the partners to continue to create problems, it certainly would be for the National Alliance opinion rejecting the approach would stop services to Iraqi citizens and continuing economic crisis, so the National Alliance will re-examine the government of national partnership and will consider the importance of their presence or lack thereof which requires the dissolution of parliament and hold early parliamentary elections. "
In the view of logistical "The ball is now in the court of the leaders of the Iraqi bloc and the Kurdistan Alliance, the wanted to continue the crisis they can, and that they want the success of the political process This Bmsttallm too. "
He explained, "that the National Alliance led to him and presented a paper overhaul, and this paper can resolve the outstanding problems, while the remaining will be custody of the other lists."
said MP that, "notes the existence of a rebellion within the rules of the Iraqi List, there are those who insist on the completion of the political process and make it work despite the presence of some of the characters who want to keep the political crisis. " Logistical and predicted "the existence of splits large and inviting from the menu to change the Iraqi leadership that coexist on the crises in the near future."