Deputy for the National: the Kurdistan Region continues to exploit the wealth of the disputed areas .. And warn of civil war which
On: Tuesday 10/07/2012 13:3

Baghdad (news) .. According to a member of the oil energy MP / National Alliance / Odai Awad, that the crisis of the exploitation of land disputed by the Kurdistan Region "continues unabated" and Article (140) is one of the ticking bombs to explode that were placed in the Iraqi constitution.
Awad said (of the Agency news ) on Tuesday: The Kurdistan Region took advantage of the disputed territories (especially) in a deal with Exxon Mobil for research and exploration and extraction of oil, indicating the following: that the material (140) of the Constitution provides for the use of the disputed territories by the region and the government of Baghdad to be determined to those who will be a subsidiary of this article and put a bomb ticking off if the region waive the disputed territories. He added that the Kurdistan Region is a leading cause of making these lands into the Constitution under Article (140) and its entry in the diatribes of political and economic. and pointed out: that the region wants the imposition of control and power of the central government to take land (especially) the disputed Kirkuk and Nineveh a deal with a company that expelled from the licensing rounds and the use of the company as a weapon to counter the government's decisions. and Awad: The Exxon Mobil continues to work to extract oil from the disputed territories, and that the region looking forward to visiting Director of Exxon Mobil and the visit (do not go air in the nets), "he said." ruled out Awad: that there will be solutions to close the current session of the Council of Representatives to the problem of land disputed as the size of the problem is increasing or less and thus the absence of any initiative to resolve the crisis of the disputed territories would lead to civil war. and Description: The Prime Minister's initiative to the message a message to the Prime Minister the U.S. initiative is "successful" conclusion that America looking for a profit is not concerned with the problems of the region and the federal government. and MP for the National: that America supports this company. " Exxon Mobil "because it will bring great financial returns for the government and County and encourages them to continue to continue its work. / End / 21. for. m /