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Allawi Baghdadi News: interrogation of al-Maliki is still less strongly among the tripartite alliance

Erbil / Baghdadiya News / .. the leader of the Iraqi List, Iyad Allawi, Maliki said interrogation of the constitutional issues on the table and is still strongly among the tripartite alliance.
Allawi said in a statement to the Agency / Baghdadiya News / Tuesday, that the process of interrogation of al-Maliki of constitutional issues on the table and is still strongly in the circles of the Tripartite Alliance and their objective is not abuse of party or person, whether the Prime Minister or another. "
He added, "There are two goals of questioning first the practice of democracy within the constitutional framework in a clear and second and most important is to have all the measures unconstitutional and serve the interests of the Iraqi society now recovered and 10 years after having finished the previous regime and so far have not stabilized the situation of the country does not in terms of security or service Awaldstoria or democracy has not resolved the issue of unemployment is not the issue of solving the problems of young people and vice versa we see that there are measures characterized by repression and Alchda and sensitivities of this issue of asylum to the Constitution and to the provisions of the Constitution and the implementation as recommended by the Constitution and approved in the tire to modify the political process is not bound to stick to it because it is the way as the sole lead the country toward stability. "
He said "The meeting with Massoud Barzani, who binds us with historical ties, we dealt with the axis of meetings in Najaf, Erbil and we exchanged views and agreed that there is no non-adherence to the Constitution to reform the political process was a meeting politically, even if a political meeting to sent an invitation to Moqtada al-Sadr, but certainly will Ntalaah on what happened in the meeting. "
He noted that "Iraq does not solve the problems of provocation or injury or abuse, but rather solve all of us what we agreed upon and that the Constitution be the rule and we are committed not to breach the Constitution in any of the points, as is happening now penetrates the Constitution in more than one area."
Allawi said that "the political process built on the basis of flawed from the beginning of the occupation in Iraq and during the occupation of that we are trying now to work to arrange things so that what was built on the error to be dealt with and modifies the path towards the correction of that, we say that the Constitution in spite of our observations and the observations of others about the presence of controversial points of the constitution, but he remains the only compass that could be appealing to him to move the issue forward so we are keen to resort to the Constitution. "
And went on that "there is the influence of foreigners and clear inside Iraq and became this influence is growing because of the weakness of the state and the state structure as all countries of the world interfere with the start of the neighboring countries and the United States where there is a fixer things simple, there intervenes heavily and that this interference, and inherited the political process of the problems after the fall of the former regime are the reasons that reached him in Iraq now that this is no solution without resorting to the Constitution is no solution without constructive dialogue and careful and not dialogue based on provocation and harm others, exclusion and rhythm
We are all one people and political forces and one Mcharva different backgrounds and contribute, but we are now in the leadership of Iraq, whether we were in government websites or the House or outside the government and parliamentary frameworks Msalin all the stability and progress of this country and its people. "
And between Allawi said "the events in the region very serious and will not be Iraq in isolation from these implications and Hmaiverd on the Iraqi government to work in earnest more than to strengthen Iraq's security and strengthen the stability of Iraq in order to protect the country, the evil of what is happening in the region, which I think will be ridden a lot of systems area, which started now clear to all. "
Saw Allawi said "the future of Iraq is linked to cohesion of the Iraqi people and unite the political forces and stay away from all that raises sensitivities in Iraqi society, the fact that what happens in the region very scary and all standards and what is happening now in other countries where al Qaeda has become his entities and countries in North Africa and not only threatens North Africa, but began to threaten the whole region, it is reasonable to Iraq to be outside of these phenomena terrorist escalate in the region. "
He concluded, "proved the policy of axes based on political loyalty it does not do any good, not inside Iraq or in the regional countries or neighboring Bel that which is useful now is the interest of Iraq first and second building relationships with other countries and on two grounds first foundation of mutual interests, balanced and basically the second is not to interfere in the internal affairs and the affairs of the sovereign. "/ End / 19. m.
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