Talal Al-zawbai: during the 48 hours request is submitted to the Presidency of Parliament interviewed Al-Maliki

Chief Deputy Parliamentary solution block/Iraqi/coalition Hamid al-zawbai, during the 48 hours will request to question Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki, to the Presidency of the Council of representatives.
In a statement, said Al-zawbai (the news agency news) on Tuesday that the legal Committee formed during the Arbil meeting, almost completed its work, and would request the PM Maliki chairing the House within the next two days, stating: the number of interrogation files and only two files security file may be the most under request.

Iraqi MP said: the process of questioning the Prime work of constitutional and legal, and there is no fear of providing Al-Maliki appealed to the Federal Court of appeal, as in higher education Minister questioned the writer finished.