Reforms need application not papers, says Iraqiya
09/07/2012 19:17
BAGHDAD, July 9 (AKnews) - Iraqiya List said today that the efforts to question Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki in the Council of Representatives are continuing, confirming that the reform process needs application rather than papers.

Two days ago the National Alliance (NA) sent a formal invitation to all the political blocs to begin direct dialogue about a group of reforms to resolve the current political crisis.

The reform committee said it completed the first phase of the reform draft paper, which will be submitted to political blocs to evaluate and apply it.

The spokesman for the National Accord Movement, which belongs to Iraqiya List, Hadi al-Dhalimi said: "The brothers must not consider the interrogation process as targeting but as a reform that may benefit them.

"Iraqiya List and the Kurdish Blocs Coalition have yet to be informed about the draft reform paper prepared by the NA."

The NA formed a legal committee that includes two representatives from each party and began its work in Erbil to discuss the legal frameworks for questioning.

Iraqiya and the Kurdish Blocs Coalition insist on withdrawing confidence from Maliki while the Sadrist Movement recently withdrew its support for interrogating Maliki and withdrawing confidence from him.