Liberal bloc: the success of political reform paper and tied with the consent of the Iraqi Kurdistan
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BAGHDAD / electronic integrity 

Announced the Liberal parliamentary bloc of the Sadrist movement, the success of political reform paper by the National Alliance is working to put it is associated with the approval of the coalition in Iraq and the Kurdistan Alliance, warning that failure would put the country before the projects serious harm to the political process.

He remains exclusively bloc Bahaa al-Araji said in a statement received "integrity of electronic" copy of the paper the reform came in response to the papers presented by participants in Erbil, Najaf, adding that it remained open for the rest of the blocks and a private Iraqi Kurdistan in order to add it deems appropriate to it.

The al-Araji, that the subject is important in the reform paper is that its decisions are binding on all components of the National Alliance and the government and its president, the availability of guarantees and limits of time, indicating the G that he assumed after the completion of the draft that there are contacts with the Iraqi List and the Kurdistan Alliance in order to brief them out, and stressed that this The project needs to be the first important things to solve problems sincerity and commitment to the Constitution and Baltuaqat previous political and do not exceed the other, non-uniqueness in the decisions and recognize the credibility of the national partnership, he said.