Araji: still we have doubts on the seriousness of reforms, although we found flexible and widely accepted component of the National Alliance
1 hour ago

Secret / Baghdad
Said the head of the Liberal parliamentary Bahaa al-Araji, "The Reform Commission came in response to the papers presented by participants in Erbil, Najaf and still we have doubts about such a serious although we found flexible and widely accepted component of the National Alliance in it, but we want to translate on the ground ".
He said al-Araji, "that in this committee and by our participation some of the meetings we have a paper where a lot of generalities, partly due to the paper this reform should not be set by a committee of the National Alliance, but that the Committee shall be composed of all parties, so it was the coalition careful not to present a paper University of all these problems, and remained open for the rest of the blocks and special blocks Coalition and Iraqi Kurdistan in order to add what they see in such a thing, "adding that" the important issue in the reform paper is that its decisions are binding on all components of the National Alliance and also the government and its president, and subject the presence of the other guarantees and ceilings of time for such events. "
He pointed out that "today, after that was completed this draft is supposed to be in contact as well go the Commission to the Iraqi List and the Kurdistan Alliance in order to inform them of the Committee's recommendations as well as to provide them with the names of other lists and members who represent them in this committee and also their applications in the degree of reform."
According to al-Araji, that "this committee stopped its work on the acceptance of the Iraqi List and the Kurdistan Alliance, and the designation of their representatives and give them their demands and at the same time we want them to give them an opportunity and a grant to enter in to enter this command, but if the purpose was to spend time or pass or play on time then your we stand a negative attitude where the time was not useful in such circumstances through which Iraq and the region by putting your putting year. " Finished / o. T /.