Mayahi Aziz calls for the involvement of all political blocs to discuss reform paper
2012-07-08 21:03:40
Baghdad ((Iba) ... He called for the cluster white Sharif Mayahi National Alliance to engage all blocs and political parties in the discussion paper of reform.

Mayahi said in a press statement on Sunday that the paper's reform plans put forward by the National Alliance should not be limited to the three political blocs because the reforms affecting all the sons of the Iraqi people and their representatives, both inside and outside the House of Representatives.

He added that the reforms must take into account the expansion of dialogues and discussions to include all the components of the Iraqi people and their representatives, because if it were limited to specific blocks, it will not be integrated and will not achieve the required them as the same time it must be compatible with the Constitution and the national interest.

He Mayahi that reforms are is required, especially since the citizens seemed to feel bored of the many problems and controversies, indicating that it is necessary to the National Alliance that does not focus on reforms to achieve the specific demands of certain blocks and neglect the rest because it is the move that got you lose reforms its true meaning. (End)