Uzmatk _ Jawad Alshahyla "call for reform committee to determine the mandate of the Prime Minister to end the current crisis
08.07.2012 14:06

Uzmatk _ g _ Baghdad. P

MP for the Liberal block Jawad Alshahyla "The question the prime minister at the moment is not the interests of the Iraqi people.

Said Alshahyla in a statement the" news agency Uzmatk "The only solution to the current crisis is to have real reforms and radical, stressing" that the bloc is committed to the partners provide a sufficient number for questioning, but at present there is not enough to withdraw confidence from the Prime Minister, noting

"that the issue of early elections does not serve any political party, but may benefit the adherents of power and could drive them into a new dictatorship on the grounds the Commission had finished its work and should to form a new Commission because the provincial elections on the verge of starting from a new, believing that "the call for early elections and was born Matah.

and also called Alshahyla" Committee for reforms to consider for the benefit of the Iraqi people and it must define the mandate of the Prime Minister and hey move that could put a solution to the political obstacles that exist.