Uzmatk _ Abbas al-Bayati: raising the issue of the mandate of the three presidencies of the country will enter a new crisis
08.07.2012 14:56

Uzmatk Baghdad _ / g. P

The MP said the state law, Abbas al-Bayati, "The issue of defining the mandates of the three presidencies determined by the Constitution because it separates the three powers."

Al-Bayati said in a statement for i"Uzmatk news agency that" raising the issue of the mandate of the three presidencies at the moment the country will enter a new heart. "

Stressing that "the States determine the doors of the reform is not required between the political blocs, but left the issue of the presidencies of the Iraqi people because he is elected, and select the Iraqi Constitution And mass with amending the constitution. "

He called the "Council of Representatives formed a committee to amend the Constitution," revealing at the same time that "the political blocs agreed to form a committee to amend the constitution since the government was formed and to some extent now, the House of Representatives does not have the ability to form this committee."

Extra charge al-Bayati, "The constitutional amendment is necessary and important and there are many demands calling for amending the Constitution is no doubt that the amendment will face difficulties and that there are many blocks calls to amend the Constitution but in reality they cling to it because it provides them with privileges."