07/07/2012 03:04
BAGHDAD / Center Brief for the Iraqi Media Network - The head of the Kurdistan Alliance bloc in the House and a prominent Kurdish leader Fuad Masum said President Jalal Talabani was discharged from hospital and is now in a special place for convalescence and practiced under the supervision of doctors, exercise specialists needed.

And picked up some local news agencies reported the deterioration of the health status of President Talabani.

He's infallible (Antrzalkhbri to the Iraqi Media Network) that "the recovery period may take two weeks after President Talabani is due to the country to carry out his functions under the Constitution."

He pointed out that "the exercises conducted by the President now is to get used to walking without mode or stick with him and that doctors have started two steps, and now amounted to more than ten steps to make sure exactly all the requirements of the success of the process."

He explained that the infallible "Talabani is following the political situation is familiar with the recent developments of the political process."

He left the President of the Republic by more than fourteen days boiled Germany for treatment.

Talabani is the project of the national conference calls in which the reset

Political crises.