Supreme Council: Committee will discuss the reform priorities of the problems and nominate candidates for security ministries

Published on Sunday, 08 تموز / يوليو 2012 08:26

Spokesman for the Islamic Supreme Council of the National Alliance member Hamid Maaleh, that the Committee on Reform of the problem Stnfh coalition on the political blocs and hear what Trdi these blocks and what you require.
The Maaleh in a statement the agency news today, Sunday, "yesterday announced Reform Commission on the lips of President Ibrahim al-Jaafari complete the worksheets, the Committee thought that next week will open up the political blocs participating in the political process, after a consultation with them and listen to what you want these blocks and those specified .

The Maaleh "that the Committee had the paper and includes the priorities of the problems and want to listen to others and if they are compatible with them, they will spend the application of the reforms, stressing that the Committee does not solve all the problems in the country, but will focus on the priorities of the political problems, such as the oil and gas and balance the institutions of the state and nominate candidates for the security ministries.

The head of the National Alliance, Ibrahim al-Jaafari, called on all partners in the political process of dialogue with the mass of the National Alliance on a package of files and start correcting them, according to the limits of time.

Jaafari said in a statement read during a press conference held on Wednesday evening, that all parties are invited to a direct dialogue on all the files and the outstanding problems and work to resolve them through a commitment to the Constitution and the spirit of positive and should develop all the ideas and build bridges of trust and the reform of state institutions.

"The Committee invited all partners to engage in dialogue with the mass of the National Alliance on a package of files and study them and find successful solutions to them, and start Ptsiautha according to time limits, adding: It will show our findings on the political blocs.