Integrity accuses politicians doubling their wealth and to discuss their files Taatuadhm
2012-07-08 15:31:13

BAGHDAD (Iba) / report Hussein grace / .. Resort political figures to invest their positions in the business deals generate billions which called for the integrity of parliamentary open files of these politicians, prompting members of the Integrity Committee accused the political figures to use leverage to double their wealth so instructed integrity that possession of Iraqi politicians to billions is a serious breach of legal and they called treason to the country.

With the increasing wealth of the elite politicians and Development in a few years after they do their political work on the collapsed Integrity Investigation and research in the money multiplier Shan, although some politicians and the numbers were small and wealthy families.

As Chairman of the Parliamentary Integrity Committee Bahaa al-Araji, the integrity scrutinize the report said the U.S. on the wealth of political leaders through approaching institutions and official circles of real estate and banks, and that most of the politicians who bring the wealth out of the country, and Iraq does not have international conventions and treaties that allow detection of these funds, pointing to a few months ago that he agreed with some countries to uncover the riches of the Iraqi officials

The Araji that his committee will discuss this report at the beginning of the parliament the next few days as I have already discussed earlier reports in this regard, especially as the majority of politicians not be from families wealthy that enable them to collect the money while there are some political figures who are very few wealthy before they enter the political process as Parliament Osama Najafi, a wealthy family so that the amount of the (24) billion Iraqi dinars were not a significant figure on it.

At the same described the MP for the Free precious slain Iraqi possession of the billions of Iraqi politicians is dangerous and breach of legal and treason to the country calling on politicians to move away from business and tipped home a personal interest.

And called for slaves to prevent the conduct of the business to employees and politicians in order not to get confused at work or what has the money.

And asked not to mix the work of the private sector Baovernma of people especially those who are head of the political pyramid, or any employee of the State and prevent the practice of business as a state official pointing out that we hear so and so and the Minister have as well as a billion and political Doe owns as well as real estate or company in the country and that these funds are the wealth Iraqis.

They pointed out that the political sworn to preserve the Iraqi interests and maintain the country's political traders wondering whether you work associated with the merchant in politics, and here you should probably tip the balance for the country's own interests

And said this honor and responsibility before God and the homeland and the people by politicians and that this is the issue of having so many of the leaders of those billions is a risk of breach of legal and treason to the country which promised political figures chattering.

They noted that it is not limited to leaders, but only at the level of governors and heads of provincial councils have villas and investments in London, Dubai and many parts of the world, and in Oman's largest owners of hotels, malls Iraqis

The MP for the Integrity Commission Parliamentary Shaker Darraji has confirmed possession of Iraqi political figures sums of money more than it was in the U.S. report on the wealth of Iraqi political leaders, and those figures that the money collected through the use of retaining their positions politically.

Darraji said there are a number of Iraqi politicians are fictional assets, and numbers greater than the numbers that came in the U.S. report, and more than those amounts collected by the owners as a result of political exploitation of the sites they occupy.

He added that his committee and the Integrity Commission calls on all political figures reveal self-employed for each politician in all aspects of the state, he said, adding however that gets the politicians do not reveal their real assets outside Iraq, and the body is finding it difficult to make sure that money abroad the fact that many of them call their money their properties and other names.

The member of the Integrity Commission to the absence of accurate disclosure of interests of each politician, and that there are numbers greater than the figures mentioned in the report, there are fortunes acquired by some politicians after the fall of the former regime, caused by the exploitation of political office for the development of these funds and contracting business to be held.

He noted that the politicians to exploit their positions and access to funds from the construction and trade deals is why their access to such huge amounts of money.

What they are talking with him most of the country's leaders of the dictatorship of the former regime and former Baathists to invest their influence to increase their wealth if you look at what he did to the former regime, where the use of such funds to build palaces used by the government now has graduated out of Iraq.

Amid widespread unemployment and the need for the country to his money the Iraqi politicians are investing billions in the exploitation of the position which incapacitated him youth unemployment.