Iraqiya MP: Arbil's meeting today discusses a mechanism to question al-Maliki.

BAGHDAD / Nina / Salem Daly Iraqiya MP affirmed that "Iraqiya continues to question the Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki, and there is no other alternative".

He told / Nina /: "The meeting of the leaders of Iraqiya and the Kurdistan Alliance scheduled today in Arbil will discuss several key points of the most important mechanisms of the interrogation and whether it will be a single-phase or in stages and separate files."

He added: "The meeting will discuss developments in the political process," denying " that Iraqiya discussed the subject of Commission reforms," he said, " the National Alliance was given time, more than once, but we have not touched in all the previous agreements any avail so we will not accept to return back again." .

He continued: "The state of law coalition gives promises since six years ago but has not carried out any of them and that is why we do not expect any good sign of the promises." / End