06/07/2012 21:06

Expressed Kurdistan leader Massoud Barzani, deeply disturbed by the actions of President Jalal Talabani during the recent crisis between Kurdistan and the Iraqi List and the Sadrists by and between Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki, on the other hand, said a source close to the Presidency of the Kurdistan region that Barzani expressed his dismay about the bias Talabani by Maliki in crisis, confidence, and the source added, saying that there are serious consultations between Barzani and those close to him about naming Hoshyar Zebari, President of the Republic of substitute for the Taliban if they are to the latter to continue his alliance with Barzani as saying, referring to the source consensus and near-consensus on the designation Zebari of the task delay while the work is awaiting the return of the President of the Republic of dining treat, the source said Zebari alternative will probably be from the list of the Taliban and probably Barham Saleh is who will take this task.