Moussawi: first meetings of the Council next week will host the Ministers of Finance and Planning

BAGHDAD (Lipa) ... A member of the Committee on Economy and Investment parliamentary Salman al-Moussawi that his committee will host his committee will host the Ministers of Planning and Finance in the first session of the House of Representatives on Thursday,

He said that al-Moussawi told the independent press (Iba) The committee decided to host the Ministers of Planning and Finance to discuss the activation code and infrastructure, who left from the previous parliamentary session, which includes the reconstruction of the infrastructure by paying on credit.

He added that the deterioration of infrastructure in the country's incumbent on all officials of their responsibilities towards the people and work hard to pass a law on credit for the payment it will contribute actively in the reconstruction of the country shortly.

He explained that the payment system on credit practice in all countries of the world and in particular it eliminates the financial and administrative corruption because the contract will be with the giant companies and convenient payment over twenty years and begins payment after two years of completion of the project.

He pointed out that Iraq is a rich country contains reserves of oil a large, but it needs tens of years in order to be extracted and investment, and given to the need of the country's pressing for more than 20 hospitals giant and 500 thousand housing units medium cost and 12 thousand schools and 600 clinics, in addition to plants to filter wastewater, which goes over than half of the Tigris River and the pollution of the environment as well as water purification plants and perpetuated the border crossings and the construction of the port of FAO and the development of ports, and if we adopted the budget for the implementation of these projects, it requires tens of years, it is necessary to activate this law.

Moussawi stressed that his committee and the committees of the financial services and parliamentary insists Tqeil law and adoption in particular that the objections it were not members of the specialized economic and financial side, some of which were political because this project will feed the interests of the government and it is an achievement. (End)