07/07/2012 02:12
As revealed Reform Commission for the provision to set limits of time to implement reforms in state institutions, aware of "Center Brief for the Iraqi Media Network," The National Alliance will begin this week moves on the political parties.

and held Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki held talks with Vice-President of the Republic Khodair al dealt with ways to solve the current crisis. A statement by the Office of Khuzaie: "The meeting discussed the latest developments on the political arena and ways to end the crisis experienced by the country."

The two sides stressed the need for dialogue between all parties involved in the political process and to discuss all the papers that were raised in line with the Constitution . The statement continued that we have received a copy of it: "The meeting included a focus on the important task undertaken by the National Alliance in advancing reforms and state-building in order to achieve the hopes and aspirations of the Iraqi people, through the coherence and unity of the National Alliance and the need to adopt the language of dialogue and national interest in the face of political crises. "

as Vice President of the Republic during his meeting with the acting U.S. ambassador Steve Bkravc that "the political crisis is over, but there must be reforms." and authorized the political body of the INA yesterday Reform Commission approached the other political forces and dialogues for them.

the center of this the image, revealed informed political sources said this week will see the meetings will be conducted by the National Alliance to put his ideas on reform. , the sources said: "The meetings will begin this week and its convergence of views and knowledge of the demands of the political blocs on the reform must be comprehensive."

As a member of the Reform Committee for Sadrist movement, Bahaa al-Araji, has revealed three main points contained in the paper reform. said Araji's (Center Brief for the Iraqi Media Network): The "three main points and mission adopted by the paper of reform first of the resolutions of the Commission reform is binding on all components of the coalition and Iraqi Prime Minister, not optional" he says. Araji said that "the other point in the paper of reform and a ceiling time of the reforms will not be open, and thirdly the guarantees for implementation and this is what gives the reassurance of the blocks the other about the seriousness of the paper."

revealed political sources for the "Center Brief for the Iraqi Media Network" the end of last week for the most prominent Sttdmenh paper reform: the topics of balance in the security forces, whether defense or internal and the ratification of the candidates of the two ministries and independent bodies and the relationship between Parliament and the Council of Ministers and the rules of procedure, as well as dealing with the views of the political blocs through dialogue and to schedule meetings with them in order to Ramps to access with each other and between the National Alliance, in addition to file adoption of important laws such as oil, gas, and a general amnesty and the Constitutional Court, and the issue of national consensus and reconciliation. "

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