Sadrist Movement did not address mandate of Maliki during dialogue, says State of Law Coalition
05/07/2012 13:48

BAGHDAD, June 5 (AKnews) - The State of Law Coalition (SLC) led by PM Nouri al-Maliki said today that the Sadrist Movement did not specify in its recent dialogue the mandate of the prime minister.

Moqtada SadrCoalition member Ammar al-Shalabi said: "The head of the Ahrar bloc Bahaa al-Aaraji announced it clearly during the meeting that the Sadrist Movement doesn't support the interrogation [of Maliki].

"Moqtada al-Sadr said in the Najaf and Erbil meetings that the Iraqi people's interests are above everything else and today he is sure that the questioning or withdrawal of confidence from the government will affect the Iraqi people."

The alliance to withdraw confidence from Maliki formed a legal committee, which includes two representatives from each party. The committee began its work in Erbil to discuss the legal frameworks for questioning the PM.

Iraqiya and the Kurdish Blocs Coalition insist on withdrawing confidence from PM Maliki but the Sadrist Movement announced recently that it will not participate in the interrogation of Maliki.

By Raman Brosk