Parliamentary committees have finished a draft law amendments to ban the Baath Party

06/07/2012 09:24

Baghdad, June 6 (Rn) - The Reconciliation Commission and parliamentary accountability Friday that he, in coordination with the Committees and the legal defense has been the completion of the draft law banning the Baath Party.

The Ministry of Interior had called earlier in the House of Representatives to speed up the adoption of a law banning the Baath Party in order to create a legal framework through which to apply the procedure of the right to prove his attempt to revive the Baath ideology.

The head of the Committee Qais Cdhir told the Kurdish news agency (Rn) that "the reconciliation committee, accountability and the Legal Committee and the Committee on Security and Defense worked during the last period to amend a draft law banning the Baath party attempt by the government and managed to finish the amendments and submitted to the Presidency of the Council of Representatives."

The Cdhir that "the draft law will be on the first and second readings during future meetings leading to the adoption of the law."

The House of Representatives of Iraq began in November of 2011 stages of the enactment of the ban the activities of the Baath Party and the party of racism, terrorism and incitements, but some of the powers of parliamentary reservation on the bill, which called for a claim to postpone discussion.

The Constitution prohibits the Iraqi Pmadth seventh post "Saddam's Baath" in the political process to get rid of supporters of former Iraqi President Saddam Hussein, who ruled the country for nearly three decades with an iron fist, and executed three years after his trial after being convicted of crimes against humanity.

Revealed the Iraqi government in 2011 for a scheme led by the Baath Party aims to bring about a coup against the political process be implemented as soon as left the Americans, and its impact on forces launched a security crackdown is still ongoing and arrested more than 650 suspects and officers in the former Iraqi army in ten provinces.

The Ministry of Interior said that the outlawed Baath party does not have the ability to drop the political process but seeks to create chaos after the American withdrawal.