Hakim, leader of the party: the Supreme Council does not guarantee the promises of the parties or political party to ensure
On: Friday 7/6/2012 9:42
Baghdad (news) .. Rejected the leadership of the Supreme Islamic Iraqi Council MP / National Alliance / by inch, to be a mass of the guarantor or to ensure the promises of parties or political blocs to implement promises, so as to accept the political party last sit at the table of dialogue, and agreement to get out of the crisis.

It should be noted that the Iraqi List, has decided she will sit with a coalition of state law to be a guarantor for the promises to be agreed with the Iraqi Coalition, on the current political crisis.

He said an inch in a statement (of the Agency news): There is a committee of the National Alliance is working on reforms in consultation with the Iraqi List and the Kurdistan Alliance, indicating the following: The Iraqi List and the Kurdistan Alliance attuned to the reforms in the coalition, which will work with them according to the dialogue.

The MP for the National: the Supreme Council does not provide or guarantee any block of the political blocs of the promises which fired on the implementation of the agreements, and that the Council is the sponsor of the interests of the Iraqi people and not the interests of the parties or political parties, adding: The launch of the guarantees or promises is through meeting political blocs on the table and agree on mechanisms for the implementation of the conventions.

The National Alliance has formed a committee earlier this includes all components, including the Sadrist movement for the development and political reform paper and the absorption of the problems of the political process and the government and the state. / Finished