Kaperoni's July 4th unrecorded call! One of the best I have heard anywhere!!

Hey all

The call today with Kaperoni was excellent. He read 4 articles and then shared "intel". It was probably the best one call I have heard in a long time. Here are my notes, rough notes, but you should get the general idea.

It was NOT recorded due to the nature of the intel shared. Great stuff!

Kap indicated that the new currency, the lower denoms, will come out after the lifting or deletion of the zeros, which i think make sense. Kap believes that the deleting of the zeros and the initial rate will occur less than 90 days from now.

We have read that the new currency is due out Jan. 1, 2013. Kap has indicated that the rate will likely be one to one, which is what many articles have said. Iraq needs to stimulate the banking environment. The citizens need to get use to using banks again.

So basically the iraqi people will begin making deposits once the One to One rate is announced. Then the new notes will shortly follow. The notes / currency will maintain value and have substantial buying power.

The Council of Ministers (COM) approved the project to delete the zeros! Shabs got them off the dime and got them to move. So now, the great news is Parliament, COM, Maliki and the CBI appear to all be on the same page. Kap indicated that this info still needs to be in

the Gazette. A law needs to be passed dealing with their financial instruments. In other words, when the rate goes One to One, contracts and related documents will need to be amended to reflect the new rate and or change. This becomes very easy to do with a one to

one initial rate. But the law needs to be passed, which should be easy since it appears everyone is on board.

Kaps words were that these articles and his intel were "Absolutely Awesome."

Shabs plan is to get the rate change, for lack of a better word, done.

The intel that Kap received was basically two fold. Kap indicated that one very high source discussed what is referred to as a "stage strategy" to recover the IQD back to where it was prior to the devaluation. Second, Kap found a Video clip where two Iraqi economists

where discussing these ideas. (The video was sent to Kaps Arabic translator. )

Kap thinks the One to One will occur by September with the new LD's coming in January. Again, the citizens of Iraq need confidence in the banking system.

Now, the IQD that is in the USA, for example, will not go back to Iraq. It will be a foreign currency reserve like we have heard. (Kap confirmed this). Once we USA citizens start cashing in, that Dinar will go into a pool, so to speak, it will be electronic funds. Then, the world

central banks will begin trading it between countries. Doing this will increase the value, but Shabs will have control of the rate.

The Dinar that we have will be honored at face value. A 25000 dinar note will be worth about $25,000 dollars.

Now, it was related that the 2015 budget for Iraq is 300 billion dollars. Note that their current budget is around 85 billion dollars. (I believe). Kap indicated that they needed a high rate to meet that budget. It is believed that over the next couple years that the rate will

adjust back to where it was prior to the devaluation. (I realize that not everyone will agree with this. This is kaps opinion based on what he has heard and read, i believe)

According to Kap, this One to One rate must occur prior to the dinar going into an international status, like discussed above, to be traded amongst the world central banks.

Again, this "staging rate" of One to One is to occur before September. This was confirmed by his high level contact.

Kap related that Shabs wanted this in April, but it could not be done.

So there you have it!! This to me is the best info I have heard in a long time. September works for me and so does the One to One.

Again, this information is simply from my notes, and is correct as far as I know.

Since the call was not recorded, it would be hard to verify.

Hope everyone had a great 4th and let's get the RV done by September.