Talabani meets with Iraqi officials, politicians, and stresses: Iraq will cross the current problems through dialogue

TUESDAY, JULY 3, 2012 19:28

Twilight News / confirmed a statement by the Presidency of the Republic, Tuesday, that the President of the Republic stressed that Iraq will cross the current problems through national dialogue, "the Savior," while the detection of interviews collected in Germany in the Iraqi politicians and officials, pointed out that his health was stable.

The statement that received the "Twilight News", a copy of it, that "the President of the Republic yesterday moved to Monday, 2/7/2012 Survey of physiotherapy in a suburb of the German capital Berlin, after doctors confirmed that the full success of the process of replacing the knee joint, which he underwent, which is usually followed by a period of physical therapy and exercise."

He added that "President Talabani now continue his convalescence and exercising, under the supervision of the competent medical staff."

He boiled the "examinations and laboratory tests carried out in an earlier period in the hospital showed that all the normal physical functioning and there is no departure from the average in any of the indicators."

The statement said that "President Talabani received many visitors from ministers and members of the House of Representatives and the political leaders and discussed with them in the current situation where following the President of the Republic in a detailed and accurate developments and events in the country," and expressed his strong and confident that Iraq will cross the current problems through dialogue National Redeemer construction and high sense of responsibility to the people by all. "