Readings reveal details of secret negotiations between Baghdad and Tehran to topple the Assad regime in Syria

07/04/2012 10:01

A source close to the National Alliance for contacts he had made ​​the Shiite al-Maliki Iraqi Prime Minister to persuade some Arab and European countries to resolve the instabilmente Syria and the Assad regime was toppled by Iran
The source said that al-Maliki said that Iran is the only country in the region that can convince the (Syrian President) Bashar al-Assad to give up power and deliver them to someone else to lead the transition towards a pluralist system .

He added that al-Maliki told the Washington diplomats by Americans in Baghdad that the Iranian government is ready to discuss the issue of transfer of power from a lion to other personal and confidential consultations are currently underway between Baghdad and Tehran to an understanding with Assad on the details of this step .

The source for the most difficult details that were raised in secret consultations between Baghdad and Tehran Assad actually accept to give up power and give up all his family members, primarily Republican Guard chief Maher Assad from office, and including them in all of immunity to prevent the prosecution and trial in the future .

The survival of Assad in Syria with international guarantees and full legal immunity, and supports Tehran, Baghdad, but would prefer to stay outside Syria .

Specifications personal alternative for Assad to lead the transition, and do take part, "National Council" Syrian opposition and "the Syrian army free" in their choice? Will be from within or from outside the system? Do you have to have the consent of the parties to the conflict (ie the regime and the opposition)?

Is the Arab League will play a role in any political settlement transition in Syria or confined to a settlement between Baghdad and Tehran, Moscow and the West?

Deployment of peacekeepers to ensure a comprehensive truce in conjunction with Syria, Assad step down and hand over power to a figure acceptable and politically impartial. This includes a proposal to deploy military forces of countries were not at the top of the Syrian crisis, including Algeria, Egypt and some European countries such as Spain .

A blanket amnesty for all parties that fought in Syria throughout the crisis, including those involved in the commission of massacres .

He ruled out the source of Iraq to agree the Syrian opposition to some of the elements contained in these details, the most important of amnesty for persons who have committed massacres and used heavy weapons to attack the cities, as there are more small details and detailed in each paragraph contained in the address and the general outlines of the settlement are working on Baghdad Tehran and Moscow, and certainly that the Syrian opposition and the countries supporting it will not accept any settlement agreement that is useful so much of the Lion .