Iraqi question the seriousness of the Commission reform

| On 2012-07-04 |

BAGHDAD / electronic integrityCast doubt on the seriousness of the Iraqi List, the work of the reforms set up by the mass of the National Alliance to get out of the current crisis.

And the chancellor said the coalition in Iraq Hani Ashour said in a statement, "and received" integrity of electronic "copy of it that« the most dangerous thing on Iraq and the political process at the present time is to transform the idea of reform to political maneuver to gain time », and pointed out that« this is a new crisis is most severe and longer than any crisis as long as the reform will not be on the basis of goodwill and without obligation and guarantees ».

He explained Ashour «the reason for the current crisis experienced by Iraq is the lack of commitment to the Convention on Arbil, which produced the government and the lack of involvement of the political blocs in building Iraq and national decision-making and dealing with everyone on the basis of the litigation and not the partnership and thinking badly of them and consider all that is out of the ruling party is a deduction can not be deal with it ».

He added that «the idea of reform put forward now and unfortunately did not come from a genuine desire, but as a result of the disposal of political pressure imposed by the recent crisis, what drives others to doubt it and it would not be a solution, especially has been preceded by a threat to dissolve parliament and accused some political leaders, accompanied by today's attempts to construct some political blocs and attracting parts of them to hold talks with them under the name of reform which drives the political blocs to doubt the intentions of the reform and the belief that political maneuvering will not be bound by it and there are no guarantees to achieve it ».

He added that «the attempt to dismantle and the division of the components and the political blocs do not sleep at all for the existence of intent to achieve reform, and the omission of the election results and the resulting blocks and leaders and to circumvent them will be doomed to failure because the maneuver Unfortunately began to control the layout of political influential, not good intentions of the administration of the country towards growth and stability»