President Talabani is due within days to move the wheel of the talks

10:49:03 / 07/2012

President Jalal Talabani

Khandan - Kurd told the source "Brief Center for the Iraqi Media Network" that President Jalal Talabani will return to the home during the coming days. This information comes at a time decided to intensify the political reform committee meetings to formulate a comprehensive paper.

The source, who asked not to be named: "President Talabani in the recovery period now, and perhaps witness the coming days, returning to the homeland."

He continued: "The President of the Republic may call after his return to the national meeting of the expanded, especially to the political problem calmed down and started talking about reform instead of other options strained positions."

He was President last month, had held a successful surgery in his left knee in a hospital in Germany.

In the meantime, attributed the intensification of the meetings of the National Alliance for the Reform Committee set up by the last week of multiple threads and discussions on the papers that are deliberations during the meetings of the Committee.

A member of the National Alliance, Khaled al-Asadi's "Brief Center for the Iraqi Media Network": that was not enough time to the topics raised and the discussions that took place around what led to the lifting of the Committee's meeting yesterday to today. "

In contrast, expressed the Iraqi List MP for the meeting Mahdi and the presence of pink optimistic political reforms during the next phase because of the political consciousness of the masses, yet the lack of confidence experienced by the previous stage of the political process.

As MP for the rule of law, Salman al-Musawi on "an urgent meeting of the National Alliance to discuss issues related to the Commission reform."