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Lets clear the air a bit on the banking stories.

First off, I want to say that I myself am a banker for what we will call "A" Bank. It happens to be one of the largest banks in the US that is consistently referenced in many "bank stories". I personally own dinar and believe 100% that the RV will happen. This opinion has NOTHING to do with "A" Bank. I can and will neither deny any so called rumors about "A" Bank I work for. I want to clear a few things about banking for all those who hear so many stories about banks. Many bank employees know about dinar. Why? First off, it's a currency that has been around for a while. Second, many talk about it. Either customers or employees. Just because bank employees know about it doesn't give ANY indication of the RV. "A" Bank isn't showing anything on "front/back" screens that I know of (I dont know of any so called back screens anyway, but that doesn't mean they don't exist). I've been in banking for almost 6 years now in many different positions from teller to investment banker. I understand that there are MANY different levels to banking where information could be withheld from the lower levels to keep a level of privacy. I think this is ABSOLUTELY possible but have NO idea if it is true. If and when the RV happens... communication to the lower levels of banking will happen... info will not trickle down, it will be approved by those that allow it and info will flow. I also have a friend who is a banker (who I trust) who works for "B" bank who I used to work with at "B" bank. This friend was a representative with a financial firm not associated to "B" bank who was supposed to be the official contact at "B" bank when the RV happened. "B" bank is the other main bank that has rumors flying around like crazy. She performed a conference call with the financial firm on behalf of "B" bank to provide good service to those who are interested in banking with "B" bank after the RV happens. I had a conversation with her today and she personally told me that she was contacted by the fraud department, risk management, and the wealth management group from "B" bank after hearing that she did this conference call. They basically forced her into becoming a so called "robot" about what she is supposed to say about the dinar. They were firm to tell her that she is only allowed to tell customers that the concern isn't that it used to be a legitimate currency; but the legitimacy of where it was purchased. The concern was also that they are forcing her to only say "we have no intention to exchange the dinar." (which is what all banks are supposed to say including mine). I believe that the bank will in fact change their stance when it happens and if it happens. I am sharing this because I feel that this needs to be said to debunk all bank rumors.

1. I personally (NOT associated to the stance of my bank) believe that it will happen.
2. I personally believe that we are very close.
3. I personally am invested.
4. I personally have a contact direct to washington who gives me credible and verifyable information better than any intel I've found. Can I share everything? Maybe... not likely. Do I want to? NO... too many times have I seen intel change. I do not and have no desire to be in the same category as the so called "guru's". I have verified much of my contact's credibility and intel in other areas.
5. Why share this info? To stop all the junky bank rumors and calm people down. Please filter intel and experiences. Just because bank employees know about the dinar doesn't mean that they are being trained yet. I'm just getting tired of bank stories... I check every day. I check "A" bank's internal foreign exchange site to see if there are any updates. I check cbi, ust, imf, and forex every day.

I feel we are close... please hang in there and please stop jumping at every possible "bank rumor". I believe that rumors are hot helpful. Be patient... it will happen when it happens... if it happens. (had to say it even though I believe it will)


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Well, since I work for one of those 2 banks mentioned... I'm waiting to see if Hammerman has good intel. I see nothing as of yet. I've not even heard any corporate communication of the like. (Not saying it couldn't happen or his sources aren't good) I just want proof. :-)

I'm a licensed investment banker.


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ok, but what does that get you? Unless you can crawl into meetings on the top floor you probably will not hear much of what is really going on.

Talked to regional vp for one of the 4 and he didn't know anything. Also, former ust guys, they didn't know

agreed... which is why I'm looking for proof.

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Speculating where we stand

For many of you new dinarians; I feel that many of you may want to know a bit behind where we stand. First and foremost... much of what I share is a mixture of speculation, intel from my contacts, and what I see and hear.

1. Iraq is a player in the game but not "THE" player of the game. Much of what is happening in Iraq is truly legitimate but there is much happening behind the scene. Shabibi will allow the RV to happen when there is a stable GOI BUT... and I mean a bit BUT... I hear that much of this if not all of it is already done but just waiting for the announcement which I assume (note that I'm assuming here) that it will be announced hand in hand with the RV. I hear/see that they are staging to buy time for the international announcement of the RV because this issue goes much farther than just Iraq.

2. Global Settlement Programs ARE real. These are taking place as we speak. Do I have any intel as to how things are going with these? Not really anything substantial. My contact states that they were hitting a bad spot but moved on to greener pastures. Note: I do not have an exact amount but I read the other day that the Euro received a substantial bailout... anyone wonder where that money came from? Greece? Did they miraculously come up with money? For a long period Greece/Spain/Italy was all I heard about... well... what happened? Anyone wonder if they have/are doing the "exchange" at the high levels meaning that countries are "cashing out" to bail out and pay off debts? Anyone hear of Basil III... yeah... getting rid of debts. There are good posts here on PTR about Basil III. Read up on that and you will understand a bit more about our new upcoming economies and how they will function.

3. I've heard that the RV happened over a month ago. OK; LET ME EXPLAIN HERE WHAT I THINK THIS MEANS BEFORE ANYONE BASHES ME LIKE THE SO CALLED GURU'S! I heard that it was approved and signed off on but hasn't been released because there are MANY MANY MANY MANY things that needed to be done prior to the release. Some of these include the issues in Iraq being worked out, some were due to the banking systems, some were and currently are the "cleaning house" that FBI/Interpol are involved in.
**Conspiracy Theory Alert**
Many of you may not believe me but here it is. There are truly good men and women who are fighting the issues and plans of those who truly do not have our best interests at heart. Look at what's happening in the banking industry! Arrests are happening every day! The CEO of Barclays was SACKED! and others are going down with the ship! Downgrades of American Banks! Anyone think this is a big deal? OF COURSE IT IS!! Anyone realize that Wells Fargo wasn't downgraded? Its cause they are now owned by China! People, this is a ride that "We the little people" (had to throw "We the People" in for our wonderful Independence Day!) truly have no clue what is really happening behind the scenes. I hear that more arrests can come prior/post RV so keep your eyes open. All these are indications that we are close... VERY CLOSE! I feel that the arrests and changes to the banking industry are the best indications that this is happening right before our eyes.

So, here's the reason for my post. I'm trying to encourage people to try and keep hope. This is a real investment. This WILL happen. I sure hope it happens soon cause I sure could use it as could many others. Here is my request for you all.
1. Believe that this is a sound investment.
2. Please trust those who are gathering intel for the good of the community. Dan, Gary, Tony have good info to share. I know that this will frustrate many of you but Okie does have "SOME" good intel. I'd give him a 70-75% accuracy rating on what I hear (but my intel is bad at times too). Footforward also has good intel, and so does many others. Please stop the Guru Bashing! If you don't trust it... stop reading and stop hindering those who do need a bit of hope.
3. "Hurry up and Wait" has been my motto for quite some time now. It's coming people... just don't let reality pass you by. I've spent many hours and days and months and years researching this investment. Please do not forget to live your life!
4. Thank God for every moment and every minute and every dollar for you are and will be blessed!

God bless you all!

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Quote Originally Posted by jando1st
AndrewCrust said - "Euro received a substantial bailout... anyone wonder where that money came from?" Question - Do your sources know where this money came from? Please share all you can for us here. I agree with most of what you said and have confirmation from sources outside the dinarian community that a much larger effort is afoot. There just doesn't seem to be a focal point of knowledge about what this will look like for "we the little people". How the global revalue, restructure, RE-Whatever it turns out to be will affect the Dinar and the Dong and the dollar for that matter. I have no problem holding to the thought that this is real...it's just that I can't get over the feeling that the Dinar RV is but a small part of what will be revealed to all of us in the near future. Man am I tired of saying and reading those words!! Soon, very close, almost here...OK, get here already!! Come on RV!!

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Jando, I believe (not from any intel providers but from putting puzzle pieces together) that it was due to the ability to exchange on the level of the countries. I believe that it was in part due to the global settlement program by allowing the Countries to exchange and gain wealth at a very high level. This "boost" of money "could" be the countries doing their version of the cash out as to not only pay off the debts as a part of the global settlement program but could be the first step to moving into the Basil III systems as the world countries RV on many levels and try and reset currencies to null inflation and be asset based economies. (man if that wasn't a run-on sentence than I don't know what one is!)

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Quote Originally Posted by jb4ny
Thanks AC. I believe they are trying to put a stop to derivatives, IMHO it must be done. It is a ticking time bomb. A derivative crash WILL bring down the global economy worse than any market crash in history. Just heard the $2bil loss @ JPMC is now estimated to be $9bil. Where a month ago the true estimate was $5bil. JPMC alone has a derivative exposure of $70 trillion which is roughly equal to the entire global economy.

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I agree wholeheartedly! It is a dangerous game which I believe will be corrected in time.

The following is an added aside to AndrewCrust position by another member within this thread.

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Dan said on the call the other day that "someone was stepping on the neck of this RV and until they are satisfied we will not see it.." that was a very true statement in my opinion and for the most part the complete hold up right now...

I think that there are those that are truly trying to get this thing done every week and they are the same people that currently run the banks and governments of the world and they are being told that in order for this to happen you have to you just comply with the new rules (basel III). So in an effort to somewhat comply they agree to some plans and create scenarios (bailouts, countries and banks failing) to get the group, that is truly holding the key to the safe that can make this happen, to comply with their partial agreements so they do not lose complete power.... we see this over and over... the crisis's show up in the news... the banks get ready and start sending out notices to expect it... then nothing.. the money does not get pushed through and those truly in control do not accept the semi agreement and we go back to square one...

So IMO in this game of chicken, the ones not wanting to turn over power, or that keep trying to push this through, will either finally comply or go down trying.... We shall see, but either way I am hopeful and its no longer a matter of if just when......