Baghdad, July 3 (Rn) - The Iraqi Ministry of Trade on Tuesday, for imposing import licenses for all goods and commodities coming into the country through the border crossings and airports, noting that it exempted the import of government for three months until finding a formula for it. The Director General Company for Iraqi Fairs and responsible for granting import licenses ratified Hussein during a press conference in Baghdad, said that "We started work enter the materials and goods to Iraq, the enrollment of leave since the first of July this month, and this restriction was limited to some agricultural materials, food, oil products and chemicals." Hussein said that "What is new is the inclusion of all the materials leave the import, and the target regulatory and statistical to prevent the indiscriminate importation and introduction of materials not conforming to specifications." and added that "there will be emphasis on the entry of materials and choose the most appropriate and the finest of them," pointing to "create a cell follow-up with the points of observation for applications and procedures. " The Hussein that "there will be to prevent the entry of any goods do not carry license to import, and we are working to overcome all obstacles to the traders away from the administrative red tape." He noted that he "figured the problem of import of government, where we addressed the competent authorities to postpone the inclusion of sector government to register the leave until after the end of this year, but until now did not want us, "explaining that" we have issued a decision to temporarily exempt the import of government for a period of 3 months of vacation import, and let us know the General Authority for Customs to allow him to. " From: Yazan al-Shammari, the Open: Fadi Zidane