Supplementary budget approved.!! 10.875 trillion dinars
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Thread: Supplementary budget approved.!! 10.875 trillion dinars

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    Supplementary budget approved.!! 10.875 trillion dinars

    the Council of Ministers approved the supplementary budget the amount of (10.875) trillion dinars
    On: Tuesday 07/03/2012 15:58

    Baghdad (news) .. Said government spokesman Ali al-Dabbagh, "that the Council of Ministers session devoted this day to discuss and approve the supplementary budget for 2012 and the total amount of / 10.875 / trillion dinars. Dabbagh said in a statement issued by his press office (agency news) said on Tuesday: "The supplementary budget that was discussed and approved today were distributed among the priorities necessary for the needs of the Iraqi state, including / / 2 trillion dinars for the projects and the Ministry of Electricity and / 1.4 / trillion for the ration card and trillion dinars Kt_khasasat Department of Defense and the amount of / 830 / billion dinars war reparations with Kuwait. "

    He said government spokesman: "The supplementary budget allocated / 40 / thousand degrees and careers as a need of immediate and / 24 / thousand degrees, including the Ministries of Defense and Interior in distributed scores of other ministries and state bodies to install with the contracts who were hired earlier, stressing that the supplementary budget require authentication and approval by the House of Representatives. / Finished / l. m /. ... id%3D47551 [ link is bad ]

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