Date: Tuesday, 03-07-2012 03: 10 pm

Baghdad (News) The Economist said Jamil Antoine, the postponement of the Customs Tariff Act is a blow and a surprise Iraqi industrialists and traders, noting that significant damage to productive sectors.

Said Antoine (News Agency news) on Tuesday that the decision to postpone the tariffs is a blow and a surprise Iraqi industrialists and merchants as a result of the sinking of the Iraqi market and shoddy goods and cheap goods that deprive local merchants and industrialists from drained of their products.

He added: there is no access depends on the transmitting of opportunities for non-application of customs tariffs and the opening of borders to enter foreign goods from all States without specifications, standardization and quality control for satisfying the Iraqi market with shoddy Chinese goods as short-lived.

And Antoine: the border regions unprepared for all the goods and commodities supplies entering international laboratories, calling the Government require States shipped goods to Iraq be given certificates of origin and health certificate and specification of the goods sold to the States, indicating that these actions will protect: Iraqi citizen of shoddy goods.

The Economist: stressed on the need for a package of measures includes the provision of infrastructure for the productive sectors and providing soft loans and the provision of electricity in industrial areas and provide fuel for the operation of laboratories and to create and provide specialized technical cadre of sectors to support and strengthen local productive sectors and to reduce unemployment through labour run, in addition to open factories which are defunct (80%) from the private sector and working to resolve the economic problem and adds Iraqi national product Shi.