03-07-2012 09:47 AM

Suggested «Iraqi List» led by Iyad Allawi, to be questioned Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki during the holy month of Ramadan, at the time said current religious leader Muqtada al-Sadr that the priority of reform and not to withdraw confidence from the Prime Minister.

Despite the conflicting reports on the position of the chest of confidence close to him said he «vote of no confidence if the blocks were able to detect failure in the performance of government and collected one hundred twenty-three votes».

In the answer surprised the political center of Iraq, al-Sadr was considered that «the interrogation and the withdrawal of trust is a legal and constitutional, but the occurrence of disputes and wrangling that harm the Iraqi people and his service, it may be harmful to some thing, because the entire political process and democracy in particular is still young ».

He denied the secretary-general for «Liberal bloc» which represent «Sadr» Zia al-Asadi in parliament that «this is a change in the position of the line movement». He told «life» that «the position of the line movement from the beginning was with the reform of the political process», indicating that «the first position of the line with the reform movement was the path of the government and the political process».

He added that «Mr. Muqtada al-Sadr before the issue of withdrawal of confidence after our pledge to be by the president (Jalal Talabani) through the submission letter requesting the withdrawal of confidence from the Maliki ».

He added that «the agreement was that the proceedings shall be conducted within a week and no more, but after he refused to Talabani submit a no-confidence turned out to be to question the prime minister, and because the interviews may not bring about the results desired, the al-Sadr refused to participate in the questioning and confirmed that the withdrawal of confidence and interrogations Sisthlkan long time may harm the Iraqi people and the political process, so the issue is the reform that should be our top priority ».

But he pointed out that «al-Sadr said he respected its commitments and if managed blocks of proof shortening and clear the government has collected 123 signatures, then the 40 seats belonging to the Sadrist movement will be with them, and otherwise will remain our demand is to reform and Snattiyh first priority and we will insist upon ».

Talabani, who was undergoing treatment in Germany refused to withdraw the confidence of Maliki and called for dialogue, then the middle of last month threatened to resign if continued attempts to force him to submit a no-confidence.

The suggested «Iraqi List» Maliki questioned during the month of Ramadan, told the MP Ahmad electrodes «life» that «Coalition and Iraqi Kurdistan are involved in the process of questioning the prime minister and then to withdraw confidence from him under all circumstances».

He explained that «the Commission a list of interrogation is to question al-Maliki and combine files and will end very soon », likely that« the date for the questioning in Ramadan ».

And on the recent statements of the chest, pointed electrodes that «the Sadrists withdrew from the Committee for questioning but he assured us he will be with us on the issue of withdrawal of confidence did not reach any other decision of it so far