02/07/2012 18:48:00

Baghdad (NINA) The Political Body of the National Alliance (NA) held a meeting on Monday evening, July 2, chaired by the Alliance's leader, Ibrahim al-Jafari, with the attendance of the leader of State of Law Alliance and Prime Minister, Nuri al-Maliki.

Source in the Alliance told NINA that the meeting, which is held at Jafari's residence is to discuss latest political developments and issues related to the Reform Committee, formed by the Alliance.

Jafari had set Tuesday a date for the Reform Committee to meet after it has held two meetings, the first on Wednesday, and the second on Sunday evening.

The source told NINA that the meeting held on Sunday at Jafari's residence discussed main political process's reform points within the frames of the Constitution.

It is worth noting that the Reform Committee was form after the NA's Political Body meeting, held last Tuesday chaired by Jafari and was attended by Maliki. / End.