Urgent, immediate change in government positions ... Mutlaq, Vice-President of the Republic and Ahmed Jubouri and Minister of Defense and Justice of the Supreme Council for the candidate

01/07/2012 22:09

Aware of location readings from the source to change a government keeping watch will happen in the next few days after the completion of the subject of withdrawal of confidence in Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki, said the source close to the prime minister said the promise made the Prime Minister to Deputy Ahmed Jubouri that the minister of defense in the event of the completion of the subject confidence, and the source said Saleh al-Mutlaq alternative would be the front-runner to replace Iraq's vice president to be brought to justice, and the source said that al-Mutlaq was not insisting on participation in the no-confidence or questioning Maliki, a favorite to be a substitute for Al Hashimi, on the other hand, sources close to the Prime Minister Maliki is seriously considering the request dismissal of the Sadrist movement and the Minister of Justice Hassan Shammari, but the source added that Maliki does not support the idea received the Minister of the Sadrist bloc, the Ministry of Justice is likely to be the MP for the mass of 'Abdul-Hussein Abtan a strong candidate for the job