Politicians say that the insistence of parliamentary blocs to question the prime minister in the House by asking questions and inquiries at this sensitive stage and repeat the threat of withdrawal of confidence it falls within the framework of the election campaign and try to gain the trust of the street without reclining on objective reasons. , says MP "Iraqi List" Salem Daly that questioning the right of constitutional, legal and one of the duties of the House of Representatives basic, denying the existence of thinking in dealing on the basis of the use of interrogation as election propaganda because it is difficult to deal with three lumps head is the "Iraqi" and "Kurdistan Alliance" and "Sadrist" on it, indicating that There are real problems need to be treated, and stresses the need to build bridges of trust to cross this stage. For his part, does not exclude the MP for the "mass of citizens," Abdul-Hussein Abtan that some interrogations election propaganda, but points out that this does not justify preventing Parliament from exercising its right constitutional, saying that accountability or questioning of any official of the executive government in the parliament is a right can not overlook it, adding that the charges may weaken the role of parliament oversight, and stressed the need for accountability in the context of the legal limits away from the ends and personal gain. does not believe the Attorney on the mass of Iraqi "free" Zuhair Araji that there are objective reasons and the real question the prime minister, said that if there were grounds positive for was a hello, but the repetition of those calls through the media, and rising tones brandishing a no-confidence confirm it for the purposes of election propaganda, and not as a matter of concern for the organization and evaluate the course of the political situation or the consolidation act of government. whilst a member of the National Alliance and former MP Qais al-Amiri that part many calls questioning the owners of the election propaganda which attempts to invest the interrogations in order to curb popular al-Maliki, which rose recently from the face view, believing that the election campaign has already begun and early this time through calls parliamentarians through statements and interviews in the media to question the prime minister in a clear and laze in the performance of their legislative and oversight regulator in this stage.