16 laws on the table of Parliament economically

02/07/2012 0:00

Most notably the amendment of the law of investment, infrastructure and Iraqi agreement - German
BAGHDAD - The morning
began the economy, investment and reconstruction in the House of Representatives by moving the 16 draft law and presented it to read the first or second ahead of the vote in a move aimed at supporting the economic file in the country.
According to the Commission's decision Mahma Khalil said in a statement particularly for the "Center Brief for the Iraqi Media Network", that "there are a number of laws exist in the hands of members of the committee, which was modified or waiting to read the first or second or vote."
Khalil said: "The most prominent of these laws that have been finished to read the first reading is "Law of the National Council for Reconstruction and Development, and the proposed National Commission for Renewable Energy, and Bank of Iraq trade, and the law to stop charges of production, and the law amended the first Act funding agencies, commercial No. 51 of 2000, in addition to the law of Basra, capital of Iraq's economy."
He continued that the law of Basra, capital of Iraq's economic progress to his application more than 160 members.
It is said that the reason for selecting Basra as the capital economic of Iraq as a result of its location which is surrounded by lakes and rivers are linked to its borders with several countries, as well as natural resources owned by and the presence of the Faw area that can benefit from the future in "transit "and trade exchanges.
said Khalil said: "The laws that have been read the second reading are:" the law of the reconstruction of infrastructure and service sectors, and the law amending the companies of 1997 No. 22, the law of finance construction projects, and the second amendment to a standardization and quality control, "noting that" the There is a range agreements, including with the Republic of Turkey and Arab countries on electronic signatures and electronic transactions, as well as an agreement with the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan, and another on the accession of Iraq to the Arab League to establish a fund for cooperation and agreement between Iraq and the Republic of China (PRC), as well as Project Agreement Act to encourage exchange of investment between Iraq and the Republic of Federal Republic of Germany. "
Observers expect to open the Convention on the Iraqi - German moving Parliament to approve a broad prospect for cooperation between Iraq and the countries of the euro with the pursuit of Berlin to head the European group, as the purpose of this Convention, which will remain in force for ten years, to protect and encourage investment and exchanged between the Iraqi government and its counterpart German.
and according to a copy of the Convention on Iraqi economic - German is scheduled to be approved by Parliament, received the "morning", both from the Republic of Iraq and the Federal Republic of Germany have a desire to intensify economic cooperation between the two countries, whose goal is to create better conditions for investments by investors of any of the the two countries and within the limits of the territory of the other country, and to encourage investment and provide protection contractual her two best incentive to push the initiatives of individual investment and increase the prosperity of both peoples.
He pointed out that "these laws will be presented to the House of Representatives for a vote," noting that the Economic Commission of the committees active in the House of Representatives , as there are about 60 law initiated by the parliament, ten of which is the share of the Economic Commission.
He added by saying: "The Committee attaches importance is the Law of the reconstruction of infrastructure and service sectors, one of the laws phase from the previous session and read the first reading and again."
revealed the Economic Commission in the House of Representatives for an initial agreement on a bill the reconstruction of infrastructure and service sectors in preparation for approval in the parliament.
The aim of the law, according to a copy obtained by the «morning» to the implementation of strategic projects and services and the reconstruction of facilities and infrastructure in a payment term in order to promote the economic reality of Iraq.
It is said that a Government commission had met and had identified the amounts proposed for each sector and the total cost of a proposed program of development is estimated at (37) billion dollars spread over different sectors vital to the exclusion of projects detailed to be to identify those projects for each sector after the approval of the bill, as decided House of Representatives climb the Ministers of Planning and Finance to discuss the law of the infrastructure.
decision of the Economic Commission announced the approach to amend the investment law No. 13 of 2006 for the presence of some obstacles and these amendments will be made ​​on paragraph legislative and ownership of land and a paragraph on the banks.
The aim of the investment law, according to a copy obtained by the "morning" to the following: "First - To encourage investment and transfer modern technologies to contribute to the process of developing and enhancing Iraq, and the expansion of its production and service and diversification. Second - To encourage the Iraqi private sector and foreign investment in Iraq by providing the required facilities for establishing investment projects and enhancing the competitiveness of enterprises covered by the provisions of this law in local and foreign markets. III - Development of human resources based on market demands and provide job opportunities for Iraqis. IV - Protection of the rights and property investors. V. - To expand exports and improve the balance of payments and the balance of trade of Iraq. "
and saw Khalil said a vote on these laws give to be vital to turning the wheels of investment in the Iraqi state.
and held several specialists in the economic hopes on the investment law to attract more investments to Iraq, but they at the same time emphasize the importance of marketing investment laws to major international companies and countries industrial and commercial markets in order to display as much as possible of investors , capital and companies, and confirms the economists that the investment laws of Iraq and one of the best laws for attracting investment in the region, but they attributed the delay in the arrival of companies in large numbers to the absence of the Promotion of this law and what he brought from tax exemptions or customs, as well as the privileges of the other large.