wang dang cc 1 july 2012
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Thread: wang dang cc 1 july 2012

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    wang dang cc 1 july 2012

    Replay (530)881-1399 PIN 111646#

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    posted in ptr : Notes from wang dang call - Wang said that an article came out on Tuesday from CBI saying they have the approval from both the Parliament and the Govt to implement the raising of the zeroes. Said that another article said that CBI must de-dollarize the economy or there would be repercussions, that was said by the IMF. Shabibi is going to go ahead and give the .86-1.13 and then the full blown RV after Maliki either gives up Erbil, or there is aNo Confidence vote. All should take place this week. Wang also said that it is par for Iraq to tell you the truth about what is going on and then the next day start taking it all back.

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